Adoptable Cats

Listed below are the available adult and senior cats in our care. Please click on their picture below to learn more about what makes them unique!


Adoption fee is $95 for adult cats and $60 for senior cats. Cost includes spay/neuter, microchip, combo test and age appropriate vaccinations.

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Jasmine likes to chit chat and sleep on the office chair, not wanting to move when someone needs to sit down but she will “share”. String seems to be her favorite toy but any moving item will do! She ignores the dog but she isn’t a big fan of other cats...she dominates the whole downstairs of her foster home. She might be fine with one other cat but not more than that. She likes the house rabbit though!


Sulli is very vocal! She loves to chirp, meow and coo at you! She will sleep on the bed or snuggled in a blanket on a chair. She loves to lay on the windowsill in the sun. She ignores the dog in her foster home but really doesn’t like other cats. She is very shy at first and will hide for days until she gets used to you. Don’t force her, just let her come to you.


Hawthorn likes to play with anything! Balls, toy mice, other kitties, you name it! He will talk to you, especially when he is hungry. He likes to sleep on the bed he doesn’t like to be picked up or sit on laps, he likes to be petted all over but he is shy. He is ok with the dog in his foster home, likes to play with the other cats but he is afraid of the rabbit.


Marigold is a shy, quiet girl, she likes to sleep on the dogs bed, her favorite persons bed, and a small plastic box. She will play with balls, toy mice, and other kitties. She especially likes to play with her brother, Hawethorn. She likes to be pet under the chin but is not a fan of being picked up or sitting on laps. She ignores the dog in her foster home.


Tiramisu is a sweet shy cat that is adjusting to living in a house. She loves snuggles & will crawl onto my lap anytime I’m in a zone where she feels safe. She purrs away when you pet her & slowly is getting better at being picked up. She would do best in a home without small children as she’s learning how to be an indoor cat & is a little jumpy at times. She is very petite, beautiful, sweet & will be a wonderful pet for anyone willing to give her some patience & work to earn her trust.


Gina is a calm cat. She came here pregnant & had 2 babies & her time has been spent being a mom. She likes to play with ball toys & loves cat nip toys. Her favorite thing to do is bird watch from the window. She is very talkative & will meow at you like she is having a conversation. She will paw at you when she wants attention or to play. She doesn't care to be picked up or have her tail touched & would do best in a home with older kids. She has been exposed to other cats & dogs.


Joy is very friendly & a sweet cat. She has a lot of energy & loves to play. She came to us with 7 newborn kittens, when she was just a baby herself. She had a lot of learning to do to be a mom but did fantastic! She still is very much a kitten & acts like such. She loves scratching posts, balls, cat trees, wand toys, etc. She hasn't found a toy she doesn't like. She prefers people over other cats & loves any and all affection. She has been around other cats & exposed to a dog.


Miss Georgia is a shy girl who likes to take her time getting used to new people. Once she is comfortable, she loves playing with wand toys & balls the most. When she wants to play, she does do sneak attacks on feet or hands so it's important to have toys nearby to help easily redirect this. She likes children who are respectful & calm when initially approaching her. She also does well with other cats. Georgia does not like dogs & will need a home where there are none.


Finley, 5 years old. Returned by owner because he needs a quieter home without kids and dogs. We would like to place him in a loving home as soon as possible.


Bastet is a mellow girl who hasn’t had much time to be anything other than a mom to her litter of kittens. She likes to sleep on the cat tree or the rug in the hallway. She is not a fan of being picked up but won't fight if you do. She prefers to be scratched on her chin & petted on her back. She carries around a pink cat face stuffy, she loves it & it will go with her. She has a pleasant personality & enjoys being around humans. She would likely do best as an only cat.

Jimmy & Mo (Bonded Pair)

Jimmy & Mo are are a year old. Mo is a pretty chill cat. He’s very affectionate & mostly calm. He does have his feisty moments. He & Jimmy enjoy each other’s company & play fight occasionally. Jimmy is kind of a spaz & loves to play with everything. Both boys are quiet! They make little “brrrp” sounds or “chirps” occasionally, but Jimmy especially only seems to meow in the carrier. Neither one likes to be held for very long, but they’re very sweet & love attention. No experience with dogs.


Tom is a very affectionate & playful young guy. He loves to cuddle & will follow you everywhere. He’s talkative & wants to be the center of attention. He has a sensitivity to fleas & will need to be kept on regular flea prevention to keep him from having a flare up. Tom is intimidated by large cats & needs a home with no other cats or a kitten that is smaller than him. He does great with dogs & with children.


Hildy is a sweet, mellow, yet still playful young girl. She loves wand toys & lounging in chairs or the cat tree. She has a sweet little meow & likes to say hello when she sees someone. She gets along ok with other cats after a slow introduction & has learned to co-exist with cat savvy dogs.


Currie has a bit of an unknown past, she is still learning that being an indoor family kitty is pretty great. She loves to follow her foster everywhere & loves laying next to someone in bed or on the couch. She asks for pets & will purr if it’s going well but she occasionally gets uncomfortable & gives a soft (no claws) swipe to let you know she needs a break, if she gets uncomfortable or anyone moves too fast. She is nervous with new people or a lot of commotion.


Muggles is a very shy 3-year-old! But she’s okay around other cats. Foster-to-adopt option is available to allow you and her to get to know one another.


Poppy is a sweet, ginger girl who is very sensitive about being touched. She is an awesome, attentive kitty, loves to play with other kitties, but for some reason, is not keen on human touch. She loves to play, especially with a laser light. Capturing that red dot is her mission in life.


Holly is a seven year old cat that was surrendered by her owner.


Fergie is a shy 3-year old female kittie. She was abandoned by her owner and found by the rental home owner. She can get stressed out easily at adoption events but gets along great with other cats! She’s just a bit shy, which we can all be at times. Please consider adopting this sweet kittie and letting her into your home and heart!


Cosmos is the most loving, snuggly, & gentle boy ever! He purrs like a motorboat at the slightest touch. He would be great with kids, gentle dogs, & loves to play with other cats. He loves kick toys, carrying his little mice around, & racing around the house. Every morning loves to snuggle on the pillow with his foster mom. Gives gentle kisses. He makes a great “nanny cat”. Cosmos has a chronic upper respiratory condition (FHV-1) that requires daily medication. It is about $60 a month.


Raquel is a 13 year old beautiful Siamese that is a diva! She will train you as to when she wants to be petted and likes to do things her ways! She came into care after their owner passed away. Do you have room in your heart for this girl?

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